African Medical Devices Forum

AMDF is a voluntary body that aims to improve access to safe and affordable medical devices and diagnostics in Africa though harmonized regulation. Our first priority is in vitro diagnostic devices. A new generation of diagnostic tests are being developed for use at the point of care that could save lives and stop the spread of infectious diseases. It is important patients in Africa have access to these tests without delay.

AMDF aims to study and recommend ways to ensure tests are safe and effective while minimizing costs and delays, allowing faster access to cheaper products. We shall undertake pilot projects in Africa using new point of care tests for CD4, viral load and early infant diagnosis of HIV as examples.. Founding members include the East African Community Health Secretariat (EAC) and the EAC partner States, Ethiopia, Nigeria and South Africa and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. Partners include German International Co-operation (EAC-GIZ), the African Society for Laboratory Medicine (ASLM) and the World Health Organisation (AFRO, WHO). Companies that develop and manufacture IVD Medical Devices are are partners and AMDF is currently expanding through the incorporation of SADC Partner States.

The current chair of AMDF is Dr Paulyne Wirimu (Pharmacy and Poisons Board, Kenya.

Contact: E mail: Joint Secretariat : Agnes Sitta Kijo, and Paul Tanui,

Through these webpages we aim to share the aims, activities and achievements of AMDF.

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Improving Access to Affordable Diagnostics